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bakklava asked:

I'm doing "open when" letters for my one year anniversary and I have plenty of ideas, but other than letters idk what to put inside the envelope. For "when you're sick" I put a letter, a tissue, and a couple cough drops...but for other topics I'm stumped. Any ideas? (:


Aw, that is such a cute idea! I wish I did that for my boyfriend. Here are some of my suggestions:

  • you need to laugh — a silly photo of you or him, insert some corny jokes
  • you want to break up — your favorite pic of you two
  • you’re stressed out — a stress ball
  • you had a bad golfing day — write down his best stats to help remind him that he’s really good and to not beat himself about one bad golfing day
  • are worried about the future — draw a picture of his future as a reminder. You could include him winning the PGA tour and holding a big trophy with you by his side
  • can’t sleep — some tea packets, sleeping mask, a mix cd with soothing music
  • you’re feeling insecure — tell him to listen to your recording (record a message on his phone or leave him a voicemail reassuring him about everything and telling him that you love him)
  • you feel alone — include his fav pic of you, add a necklace or something he can always wear/keep on him so he always has a little reminder of you
  • it’s christmas — an old Christmas photo of you two, a small present
  • it’s your birthday — put some birthday confetti in the letter for little surprise, small pre-birthday present
  • want to reminisce — a old photo or memento of you two when you first started dating
  • are bored — pack of playing cards, UNO card game, etc
  • don’t know what to get me for a gift (he ALWAYS struggles with this) — picture collage of gift suggestions
  • need a hug — a pic of your arms wide open like you are hugging him or a pic of you guys hugging, a little stuff animal that he can hug instead

I think including photos that match the topics are a good idea. So sorry if the photo suggestion seems repetitive. I like them cause they don’t take too much space and he can easily take them out to look at them.

I hope this helps! And feel free to message me back if you need any clarification or want more suggestions on other topics. Also, congrats on making it to one year! That’s so exciting and whenever you are done, post some pictures. I would love to see how you did everything (:




bish whet?

i need to step my game up

what am i doing with my life








A gay man was teaching me how to dance. EPIC.

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I’ve watched this 6 times today lol


the look of approval she gives 0:03 »>

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